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Mossier collaborates with companies of all sizes to help them develop LGBTQ workspaces. By consulting with leaders at all phases of their career and rungs on the ladder, we’re all about making it OK to be yourself at work. A portion of our revenue accelerates Queer people’s ambitions all across the globe, where we invest in businesses that design new ways for people to quickly find self-sufficiency.

Come with us, let’s take the lead on creating inclusive workspaces. 


Mossier’s eight areas of focus guide our workshops, training, education, and consulting, and our consultants work with your business to make diversity, equity, and inclusion much more than a human resources task: We guide cultural shifts that lift your organization to the next level.

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Every organization’s D&I program should include considerations for LGBTQ people, and Proud to Work is an online educational platform that boosts LGBTQ competency while creating opportunities for Queer people to find a like-minded network — not to mention, maybe even landing their next job.

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of Generation Z identifies as Queer


States where you can be legally fired for being transgender


States where you can be legally fired for being LGBQ+


Annual MN productivity loss due to LGBTQ workplace hostility

There's so much more to do.

There's so much more to do.

We can’t fulfill our mission until People of Color in the LGBTQ community experience the same level of freedom and opportunity that their White counterparts have. Minnesota leads the nation in economic disparities between White and Black families and with the Black transgender community experiencing unemployment at 4x’s the national average. It’s never been more obvious that we have a lot to do.

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""I worked with Mossier for my graduate school capstone project and researched the viability of a social enterprise LGBTQ tourism agency in the Dominican Republic. This project gave me real-world experience in international development and social enterprises, which I've carried over into my current role as the manager of a fellowship program for social entrepreneurs. Mossier's work supporting entrepreneurs globally is truly impactful, and the experience I gained working on this project was invaluable.""


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