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A safe home, a supportive network of friends and family, and a stable job are the most important aspects of a good life. Mossier’s focus is on jobs: Creating employment equity for LGBTQ people all over the world. We work with businesses to develop the competency needed to create inclusive environments that ensure no matter your gender, sexuality, or identity, you have equal opportunities to work with pride. 

About Mossier’s Namesake

About Kevin MossierKevin J. Mossier is often referred to as an entrepreneur and visionary. He was those things, but in another way, he always remained a small-town boy from Grand Rapids, MN. He was proud of his achievements, but humility never left him.

After his time at the University of Minnesota, Kevin earned a well-deserved reputation operating one of the most innovative travel agencies in the country. Kevin was always a bit restless to move on to new adventures so after spending 15 years establishing his agency, in 1985 he created RSVP Vacations, the first openly LGBTQ+ travel business. Based on his own personal experience of facing discrimination while on vacation with his boyfriend, safety for gay travelers became an important issue for Kevin. By establishing RSVP, he provided a safe travel experience for literally thousands of LGBTQ+ people and their friends and families. It was another huge success.

Kevin was an activist by example and as Charlie Rounds, former RSVP Vacations president and friend of Kevin Mossier said, “He worked tirelessly for the rights of his community and always gave back both in life, with his businesses, and in death, with the foundation he established.” The Kevin J. Mossier Foundation operated from 1996 until 2014 and provided millions of dollars in grants to non-profit organizations. The Kevin J. Mossier Foundation was the first funder of marriage equality in Minnesota. Mossier (social action and innovation center?) was the final grantee of The Kevin J. Mossier Foundation, and so was named for LGBTQ+ rights champion  

Kevin left us too soon at the age of 46 in 1996, but we will always be grateful for what he contributed to our community.

Nick Alm - Executive Director

Nick Alm - Executive Director

Nick (they/them) was born in St. Paul and grew up in Stillwater, Minnesota. While pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Minnesota, they co-founded The Carlson School’s first undergraduate LGBTI student organization, Compass. Through this group, he developed a passion for advancing conversations about the LGBTQ community in corporate America, as well as globally. 

Nick co-founded Mossier in order to help organizations recruit and retain LGBTQ+ talent, and utilize the revenue to LGBTQ grantees in East Africa. To date, Mossier has funded and supported ten LGBTQ-owned businesses within the tourism and agriculture space.

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