Mossier engages in employment equity work locally through consultation with fortune 500 companies LGBTQ+ talent acquisition and retention through inclusive workplace culture. This local work enables Mossier to spread its mission globally by generating the revenue necessary to fund a grant pool for international LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs.  Any contribution you make to Mossier’s cause will ultimately enable a queer person abroad safe and secure employment and the livelihood necessary to support themselves and their family.


Internationally, it is extremely common for members of the LGBTQ+ community to be unemployed. We believe that economic empowerment, stable incomes, living situations, and diets are essential in uplifting this community and allowing them to build their own human rights movements.

LGBTQ+ individuals generally do not have LGBTQ+ parents and do not have LGBTQ+ children. Mossier believes that communication and collaboration across generations are vital to our success We also are lead by the strong values of inclusion held by young LGBTQ+ individuals. That is why our team ranges from age 19-62, is majority women, and over 40% people of color.


"I currently work at Target Corporation in Merchandising. Mossier has set me up for success by teaching me to lead and connect with the diversity of my partners through empathy and authenticity. It taught me how to thrive in ambiguity and creatively problem solve. Mossier is an incredible asset to our local and global community because of its ability to provide a learning experience for passionate students and jobs for the LGBTQ+ community."