Our Projects

Internationally, it is extremely common for members of the LGBTQ+ community to be unemployed. We believe that economic empowerment, stable incomes, living situations, and diets are essential in uplifting this community and allowing them to build their own human rights movements.

Refugee Chicken Farm

In 2017, Mossier began work on establishing a chicken farm in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. The primary beneficiaries of the project will be LGBT women in the camp who also have children.

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Destination Equality

In partnership with companies in the tourism and hospitality industry, Mossier is building a digital encyclopedia that connects travellers to LGBT organizations in-country they can visit, interact with, and support through their travel dollars.

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Taxi Cab

Mossier is partnered with an organization called HOYMAS (Health Options for Young Men with HIV/AIDS/STI) to develop a taxi service that provides employment for LGBT individuals in the tourism industry.

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Lavender Acres

Mossier recently funded a transgender-owned pig farm in Uganda that will house and employ transgender individuals. The foundation is being built at this very moment.

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LBGT Dominican Tourism Company

Mossier is working to establish an LGBT-owned tour operator in partnership with a local organization called Proactividad. The tour packages created will bring jobs and economic empowerment to the LGBT community in the Dominican as well as offer travellers a unique experience that is lead by local LGBT community members.

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