LBGT Dominican Tourism Company

In the Dominican Republic, Mossier is working with an organization called Proactividad. They work with LGBTQ+ populations and provide sexual health training for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. They are in the process of also becoming a tour operator. Proactividad is designing tour packages that are staffed with local LGBTQ+ individuals and focused on the most LGBTQ+ friendly parts of the Dominican. For example, your trip might consist of staying in a villa where your cook is a local LGBTQ+ individual. Your tour guide is a local LGBTQ+ individual. Your entire itinerary is built around activities that benefit the local community as opposed to spending a week in Punta Cana at an all-inclusive resort where a much smaller amount of your money will reach the local community, not to mention the LGBTQ+ community. The company is called ‘A2Z Travel’.

Mossier is focusing on one key market in particular: LGBTQ+ baseball and softball players. As you may know, the Dominican Republic produces more major league baseball players per capita than any other country. There are several sites and attractions in the Dominican related to this. This all revolves around utilizing the LGBTQ+ travel industry to start getting more money to the LGBTQ+ populations in the countries that people are traveling to.