Refugee Chicken Farm

The Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya will be the home of a chicken farm that employs lesbian refugees who have children. At roughly 50% funded, construction on the farm will begin in the first half of 2018. The year one goal is to create 10 new jobs with this venture.

Mossier’s hope is that this project will provide a number of thing for LGBTQ+ refugees.

  • Consistent day-to-day activities: Life as an LGBTQ+ refugee can be incredibly bleak. Many of them have been stationed at Kakuma for multiple years with no indication of when they will be relocated.

  • Stable Incomes: For many refugees, they have no consistent income saved up should they have the opportunity to relocate at some point.

  • Job Training: LGBTQ+ refugees will gain skills related to business development, sales, and financial planning.

Brian, the architect of the project, has won several human rights awards in Kenya.
Recently, he won the Human rights defenders award by the Netherlands embassy and the National Coalition of Human rights defenders Kenya.