Proud to Work


Everyone should feel safe bringing your whole self to your whole day, and that means everyone should have the opportunity to be out at work. Yet in the US, nearly 50% of LGTBQ people aren’t out to their employer. While stats like these are discouraging, there’s so much opportunity for us to grow together in order to bring the intersections of gender, race, and identity to your organization. 

Mossier’s Proud to Work program keeps you engaged at the right pace throughout the year. Learning happens online and off, and in many formats: 1:1 training, support through peer online cohorts, in-person events, and lots more. 

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We’ve divided some of the most important LGBTQ topics into quarterly focuses that invite you to engage through conferences, summits, online events, and individual connections.

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Job seekers expect inclusive workspaces, and employers want to tap into amazing LGBTQ talent. Mossier makes the match with career fairs and networking events all year long.

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Our learning community is designed to let you learn at your own pace while creating connections with like-minded leaders and peers.


Focused as a way to dig into what’s relevant at the moment, these meetups spark rich convo with change-makers and leaders that inspire.


Your Online Learning Destination

There isn’t a one-size-fits-everyone approach to learning, and there are too many opportunities for employee engagement to wane throughout the year. The PTW online community launched in 2020, where you can learn from a library of topics that spans all areas of our training, and houses all of our events as well as opportunities to connect with like-minded peers on journeys similar to yours. This type of all-year engagement is how your DEI goes from fizzle to sizzle, and how you make a lasting impact on your culture at work.

Membership Benefits Abound

  • All PTW learning materials are stored in a digital library exclusively for members and can be viewed at any time.
  • Admission to ongoing learning modules added to the online community, as well as tickets for all online events.
  • Online meetups that focus on real-time topics that play offense to an ever-changing world.
  • New features added all the time, such as 1:1 networking opportunities and warm intros with promising job seekers.


Where do we even begin to gush about last year’s good vibes at the career fair? We connected over 400 job seekers to 62 employers in 1 day. LGTBQ job seekers at all levels and all industries participated in 1:1 meetups with employers, and the feedback was incredible. Goes to show you that Queer people are eager to connect with inclusive organizations, right?

Make Your Match 

  • An inclusive, LGBTQ-focused online space for job seekers and employers.
  • Job seekers create profiles and upload their resume in a confidential community.
  • Employers are able to screen resumes and host appointments with candidates.
  • We are releasing features such as 1:1 networking opportunities and even warm intros with promising job seekers.
  • Pencil-in June and October as the 2021 tentative Career Fair Dates! Add your name to the list to stay in the know.

Ready to Begin?

All levels of engagement offer opportunities to bring you and your team closer to a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space for everyone LGBTQ. Membership starts at $7500 with pricing available for nonprofits and government organizations. Drop us a line, let’s get you started.