Every organization’s D&I program should include considerations for LGBTQ people. Proud to Work is an online educational platform that boosts LGBTQ competency, and Mossier focuses on eight key areas that bring culturally-specific topics to the forefront.


Career Fairs

Continuing on the success of 2020’s career fair, we’ll be hosting more events in 2021. Job seekers will be able to connect with LGBTQ-inclusive employers, create confidential profiles, and connect to employers through 1:1 virtual meetups. Sign up below to stay in the know.


Proud to Work is Mossier’s jobs and training programming with events, job fairs, and ongoing development throughout the year to keep your D&I momentum going strong.

COVID-19 forced all of us to think about things a little differently. For Mossier, the pandemic meant that we need to accelerate our efforts to bring an online learning community to life. Launched in 2020, PTW is where you can learn at your own pace from an entire library of topics that encompasses all of our 8 focus areas of training that bring culturally specific topics to the forefront. For example, creating best-practices for an employee resource group for LGBTQ people, or supporting an employee who may be transitioning their gender.

The Gang's All Here

A group of peers that can help you, have been were you are now, and provide mentorship and connection. Listen, learn, and keep growing.

All the Good Vibes

Ongoing learning modules added to the online community, small-group meetups and cohorts, and real-time topics that play offense to an ever-changing world.

Authentic Connections

For some of us, being out at work isn’t an option. Show up how you choose and connect with like-minded folks that support your journey.


Each day’s schedule focused on a theme, such as how to champion LGBTQ-inclusivity as an HR leader and how to sustain your D&I work after the event is over. The online community will house all of these videos, learning materials, and recordings of the conversations. All of the videos from the conference are housed in an online community, where members can review and share with teammates.


Mossier Proud to Work Daily Schedule

Membership Perks

PTW online is a place where you can connect and learn at your own pace and connect with like-minded folks through facilitated virtual hangouts and chat.

  • 2020 PTW Presentations and learning materials are stored in a digital library exclusively for attendees that can be viewed at any time.
  • Ongoing learning modules added to the online community, small-group meetups and cohorts, and real-time topics that play offense to an ever-changing world.
  • Jobseeker engagement opportunities, such as online meetups and resume tips, not to mention opportunities to connect with employers 1:1.
  • We’ll be releasing more features, such as 1:1 networking opportunities and even warm intros with promising job seekers, so stay tuned!
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SHRM Credits

SHRM Credits

Mossier’s Proud to Work online education qualifies you for SHRM recertification credits for eligible workshops. Please contact us if you have questions about what workshops apply.