April 30, 2021 10:00 – 2:00 CST

Gender policing is ubiquitous at work. Only use this restroom, dress a certain way, the woman should get the coffee and bagels for the morning meeting. Gender at work is typically all about conforming and fitting in (eye roll).

Mossier’s April meetup takes you beyond the boxes of gender, boxes that stem from the colonial, white supremacist foundation our country was built on. We’ll talk about changes you can make (literally today) to antiquated policies and procedures and define individual and collective responsibilities to build gender-expansive workplaces. Yes, gender equity is 100% possible, and yes, you are part of the fight to ensure trans and nonbinary siblings are safe, affirmed, and celebrated at work.

Before we meet, let’s take time to consider what makes up your identity. 

  • What defines my gender identity: The clothes I wear, the way I talk, the way I move? 
  • Which individuals and systems sought to define my gender for me? How?
  • Why gender is important to me: The power it allows me, the challenges I’ve overcome? 
  • When do I use gender to my advantage: To speak first in a meeting, to take on specific tasks?
  • Do I have to prove my gender to people? How so? 


This is an online event hosted by Mossier online. We’ll start the conversation by introducing you to our speakers, Eli and Lily. From there, you will dig into a deeper conversation with smaller groups and wrap up with space for reflection. We structured the sessions so you have time for checking in on family and work throughout the day, not to mention reflecting on the convo you’re having with others. There will be materials released to you throughout the event, too.

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