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Mossier collaborates with companies of all sizes to help them develop LGBTQ-inclusive workspaces. We work with leaders at all phases of their career and rungs on the ladder, and we’re all about making it OK to be yourself at work. A portion of our revenue accelerates Queer people’s ambitions all across the globe, where we invest in businesses that conceive new ways for people to quickly find self-sufficiency.


From the Blog: Proud to Work Update

Proud to Work lockup on brick background


Planning started in 2019 for the Proud to Work conference in June ’20. We were excited to start announcing our speakers and topics and build upon the previous year’s efforts. And then? Pandemic.

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Mossier LGBTQ Pronouns Blog Post


Our culture is learning more about how to understand identities outside of a gender binary. Meaning, these binary pronouns don’t always fit with how someone identifies.

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