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Blending Social Justice and Economic Wellbeing

November 24, 2017


Can the corporate sector make a difference in promoting LGBT wellbeing worldwide? The UN Free & Equal campaign says yes, having released a set of business standards that companies should follow to promote and protect LGBT rights. UN Free & Equal is a United Nations campaign designed to eliminate discrimination against LGBT people and to promote their wellbeing and acceptance in societies across the world.


The list of standards, which includes guidelines such as “supporting LGBT staff” and “preventing discrimination against LGBT suppliers and distributors,” aims to create a culture of safety and acceptance for LGBT individuals in the business world. UN Free & Equal believes that small changes such as these can have a lasting impact on LGBT wellbeing on a global scale.


Supporting LGBT workers doesn’t just help create accepting and welcoming societies. It’s also good for business. McKinsey, a global business consulting firm based in the United States, recently released a study suggesting that diversity is good for a company’s bottom line.


Their data suggests that companies who rank in the lowest quartile for ethnic and gender diversity tend to generate profits that are below the national industry median. Meanwhile, companies ranked in the highest quartile generate profits well above the median. In fact, companies ranked in the highest quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform the median, and companies with high ethnic and racial diversity are 35% more likely to outperform.


The data, McKinsey says, suggests that diversity in other areas, such as age, experience, and sexual orientation, will also boost performance. In an evermore connected world, employees and company leaders who bring new perspectives, backgrounds, and cultural fluencies to the table will undoubtedly boost that company’s competitiveness on a global stage.


It’s clear that creating diversified environments in business, especially in terms of LGBT rights, is a win-win choice. What’s important, then, is equipping future business leaders with a justice- and diversity-oriented mindset. That means incorporating social justice modules into curriculum at business schools and communicating the importance of diversity and acceptance from the outset.


Cue Mossier. Our organization hopes to tackle all of these issues, from promoting diversity and LGBT inclusion in the workplace to training business students to value those principles and carry them with them into the corporate world.


Primarily, Mossier strives to keep a standard of diversity within its own organizational structure. By employing staff from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, genders and sexual orientations, Mossier keeps its approach fresh and its results effective.


In the academic realm, Mossier has set up internships for students at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management that allow them to work with the organization and gain business and entrepreneurship experience while furthering Mossier’s goal of promoting LGBT wellbeing. Mossier has also worked with the U of M’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, sending fellows across the world to the Dominican Republic and to Uganda to work on Mossier projects in those locations, lending a humanities perspective to entrepreneurial work. It’s also aiming to set up a study abroad program for Carlson students that sends them to Kenya and Uganda for actively engage with LGBT entrepreneurship projects, providing a much-needed opportunity for business experience in Africa’s rapidly growing economy.


Overall, Mossier aims to create a more well-rounded and interdisciplinary approach to both corporate and nonprofit work, blending the border between the two to promote both social justice and economic wellbeing. Tackling human rights and LGBT wellbeing from multiple angles: academic conceptions, nonprofit mindset, and corporate methods, allows Mossier to not only create a better world for LGBT individuals, but to uplift both the efficiency and social consciousness of all the institutions it works with.


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